Find the right pro for your needs anywhere, anytime.
You name the price.

  is the amazing new app
that helps you find the right providers
for your needs at the price range that
works best for you; and if you need some
extra cash, you can always apply to be a
provider yourself!
With FixitApp there are no fees, no set
price, no limits.

You’re in control

Why shoddily fix something yourself
when you can get a provider to do it for
you? With FixitApp you’re the one who
makes the choices: you upload your job,
set your price, and negotiate with the
It’s that easy!

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

FixitApp is simple and easy to use, so that anyone can find whatever they need!
Whether you want someone to help you with your plumbing or want to offer your
own services, FixitApp can connect you with the right people and the right job.
Just see for yourself!

Why use FixitApp?

FixitApp grows and adapts with you, while always striving to offer the customer the best solutions to their many needs. We offer many particular services that you just can't find anywhere else.


Video descriptions

Sometimes, not even a picture is enough to describe your problem. So FixitApp gives their customers the option of uploading a video of their issue so that professionals can have a clearer idea of what is going on. This also avoids unpleasant surprises for the professionals that can become extra fees for the customer.

You control the price

Like we keep saying: you’re in control. When you upload your job, you also set the limit to what you’re willing to pay. This way, your services will always adapt to your budget and preferences.

100% free

FixitApp only works as a network to connect customers with people interested in taking those jobs. You don’t have to pay either an application fee or a percentage of your winnings, so as a provider your winnings are all yours. Monetary transactions are handled directly between the customers and the providers.

We adapt to you

Here at FixitApp we listen to your needs. So the range of services offered will grow based on our customers' searches. This way we can always make sure that you can find the solution to any issue.

We grow with you

Although the service is currently limited to the five boroughs, we will keep expanding based on where our customers and professionals are. The network we set up will keep expanding according to your needs.

Remote access

Although right now our services are limited to the five boroughs, you can still hire and pay pros from anywhere in the world! Just sign into the app, find the service you need, and get your problem fixed.

How does it work? 

It couldn't be simpler! Just follow the following steps

1Upload a Job

Look for this icon   in your menu and click on it.

2Describe your job

Just fill in the information to help professionals know exactly what you need. Upload videos and images to give an exact description of your problem.

3Negotiate your price

When professionals start contacting you, you can negotiate your price directly with them. Remember, you’re in control, so if you don’t like their offer, you can always choose someone else.

4Choose your provider

Once negotiations are done, you just choose the right professional for your needs and wait for them to come to you.

5Get your service

Your pro will come to you and provide the desired service. You can always leave a review of their job.

6Pay up

You and your provider are the only people involved when it comes to payment. You will pay your provider directly in whatever way you both agree upon. It’s that easy!

So, what are you waiting for?

Download our app and sign up for our
services. Make your life easier and find
the right pro for your needs anywhere,

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I love FixitApp, with it I can quickly get a supplier to fix whatever I need in my home…from the washing machine to remodeling a room.


With FixitApp I was able to have a demanding job as I get my house remodeled. Through the App, I have access to a variety of providers that adapt to my budget doing an excellent job.


My life has become so much
easier since I got FixitApp. I’m not particularly handy and, even if I was, I have a very demanding job, so I don’t have the time to fix any issues around my house. Having access to so many different providers and actually being able to decide how much I want to pay has definitely changed my home and my life for the better!


Are you a man of many skills?

With FixitApp you can make the most of them and make a profit, too!  
You can apply for any job on the app, so if you have any sort of helpful talent, be it technical, educational, or more, you can use it to increase your earnings. You could even open your own business through the app. Don't miss out!